Descendants of Andrew WATSON & Nancy REID

Andrew first appears in the 1861 census living in Pailsey, Bruce County, Ontario with three children, Joseph, John and Alice Jean, all born in Ireland. They apparently emigrated to Upper Canada in the late 1840's. Nancy does not appear in the 1861 census and it is not known wether she died in Ireland or Canada.


The village of Paisley, Bruce County, Ontario, circa 1870.

During my research of the William WATSON & Jane RITCHIE Family I encountered several descendants of Andrew and Nancy (e.g. Fred WATSON 1888-1975 & Hugh DRISCOLL 1906-1991) who expressed the belief they were related to the descendants of William and Jane. I pursued this connection somewhat further and found many interesting family tie-ins. I have accepted that Andrew (born abt 1796) and James (born abt 1796) are brothers, as well as the father of William WATSON (1816-1886).

Joseph (1839-1919) married Sarah PORTER in 1861 and they had eight children; Matilda married John MEIKLE and lived in Wisconsin, USA; Annie married Colin
MORE and lived in Manitoba; Andy married Janet ALEXANDERand farmed in Eden Grove, Ontario; Rebecca married James BELBECK first and then Tom COLE ; Isabella married Mike DRISCOLL and Joseph never married.

John (1842-1873) farmed on Lot 8, Con A of Elderslie Twp. in 1867 with his brother Joseph. He married Isabella
GREENE about 1868 and had three children; William, Alice and Joanna. John died in 1873 just after Joanna's birth and Isabella remarried Thomas MOORE of Kepple Twp. Thomas and Isabella relocated to North Dakota in 1885..

Alice Jean (1843- ??) married Malcolm DRUMMOND in 1864 and they moved to Trenton, Michigan shortly after where they had four children; John, William, Jessie and Millie.



Leslie A. WATSON (1908-1978) was born and raised in Manitoba and was a direct descendant of the captioned couple..See Leslie's Pedigree Chart
Other ancestral families connected to Leslie are; WATSON, Andrew; PORTER/ WATSON; ALEXANDER; WILSON & WATSON, James*.
Note Leslie's paternal great grandfather was Andrew WATSON , the subject of this journal. His paternal great grandmother was Sarah WATSON (I am not aware of any connection) and his maternal great-grandparents were James & Janet WATSON.

John Bertrand
McWETHY (1894-1988) John's mother, Joanna (Nellie)WATSON* was born in Elderslie Twp, Ontario, Canada and relocated to North Dakota, USA in 1885 and was a direct descendant of the captioned couple. See John's Pedigree Chart.
Other ancestral families connected to John are; McWETHY; WATSON*; REID; GREENE; CASSELS; PARK & FINGLAND.

Gordon Reid
MORE (1916-2003) was born and raised in Manitoba and was a direct descendant of the captioned couple. He was also a direct descendant of the ROUMEY* (RUMIG) Family and the REID* Family on our Home Page. See his Pedigree Chart.
Other ancestral families connected to Gordon are; MORE; SHORT; WATSON, Andrew; PORTER/ WATSON; ROUMEY* (RUMIG); & REID*.

Surname with asteriisk (*) denotes connection to our Ancestors on our Home Page.

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