Finding Florence - Descendant Journals

We have embarked on a new research project in an attempt to identify
the biological parents of
Florence Mae METCALFE* (1915 - 2005).
Since the adoption of Florence was a family 'secret' there appears to
be no one alive today, who can provide any meaningful information.

Florence's daughter Kathy WATSON* has had her DNA analyzed and this has produced some apparent cousins, or people will have a common ancestor with Kathy. Some on her father's side, which we can identify, and hopefully some are on her mother's side. The difficulty here is that we do not have any surnames to start with or compare to. By using DNA results combined with genealogy hopefully we can find some common ancestors and work our way back down the tree to possible parents.

Below are some of the people who have been identified as 'cousins' through DNA;

Patricia has been identied as a 3rd cousin in AncestryDNA therefore her gg grandparents could be the common ancestor. We have also identied the connection is on her maternal side. Patricia's mother was
Jessie Laverne MacINTOSH (1908-2004), Jessie's ancestors originated in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland and emigrated to Canada circa 1850. They settled in Huron Twp. Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada. (We suspect Florence was born in Bruce County.)
If we look at Jessie's Pedigree Chart we find these great grandfathers, John?? MacINTOSH ; Angus GILLIES; John & Isabella MacLEOD & Angus GRAHAM ; one of their grandchildren should be either mother or father to Florence.

Dixie has been identified as a possible 2-4th cousin at MyHeritage DNA. Tracing Dixie's maternal ancestors through her mother, Wanda Hope SMITH (1916-2004) we find her acestors originated on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, emigrated to Huron Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario and then relocated to Oregon, USA. A look at Wanda's Pedigree Chart shows ancestral surnames in Lewis as SMITH; MacLENNON; MURRAY & MacIVER.

Amanda on MyHeritage and Ancestry and her father on GEDmatch are identied as possible 4th cousins. Amanda's grandmother on her father's side was Margaret Jane MATHESON (1900-1969). Her ancestors also emigrated from the Isle of Lewis to Huron Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario. Margaret Jane's Pedigree Chart shows these ancestral families; MATHESON; MORRISON & Murdoch & Mary MacLEOD.

Donald on Ancestry DNA is shown as a 4th - 6th cousin, his grandfather Dan McLENNAN (1882-1961) was born in Huron Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario and his parents emigrated from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Dan's Pedigree Chart shows the following surnames in Lewis; McLENNAN; Murdoch & Mary MacLEOD & MURRAY.

My research thus far indicates that Amanda and Donald have common ancestors in the Murdoch & Mary MacLEOD Family. This helps me since the more common ancestors I can identify the closer I come to Florence's common ancestor and then start the climb back down thr tree to look for her parents.

I have created these Journals in an attempt to identify all those grandchildren and narrow down my search. Likely subjects, both male or female, would have been born born approx 18 - 30 years before Florence's birth in 1915, say 1885 to 1897. Also not likely married before 1915. 

Please note, this is a work in progress and not all the connetions have been proven. I am open to any and all, questions, comments and corrections, Case.

Click on the underlined to see Pedirgee Charts and Family Journals..

Surname with asteriisk (*) denotes connection to our Ancestors on our Home Page.

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