Descendants of James & Elizabeth VOLLETT

James and Elizabeth and their family left Cornwall, England for Canada about 1840. They settled in Egrement Township, Grey County, Upper Canada. Their daughter Mary Ann married Smauel T. ROWE, one of the earliest settlers of Paisley, Bruce County, Ontario.
As told by Bessie Laidlaw Butchart (Mary Ann's greatgrand daughter) in 1971:
Samuel Thomas ROWE, born March 9, 1819, in Truro, Cornwall, England, was apprenticed to a jeweler in nearby St. Austell, Cornwall, when a young man. He fell in love with Mary Vollett 17, of St. Austell, whose parents were planning to move to Canada, taking Mary and probably other members of their family with them. After arriving in Canada, Mary's parents settled near Durham, Ont., about 1838 - 1840.
Determined not to lose his sweetheart, and accompanied by a friend, Simon Orchard, Samuel followed the Volletts on the very next sailing ship, landing in New York in 1839. He arrived in York (Toronto) in 1841 and we think he reached Durham, Ont., in 1843.
Here he married Mary Vollett. When their first babe arrived, Mary Vollett died; but the babe, Mary Ann Rowe, survived. The babe's Vollett grandparents raised her to nine years of age. Then her father, Samuel Thomas Rowe, took Mary Ann to Paisley with him (by ox-team and trail) to live with him and his second wife, a Miss Orchard who was a sister of his long time friend, Simon Orchard, another Cornwall, England, man. Mary Ann was born July 9, 1844.

Bessie LAIDLAW BUTCHART is a direct descendant of the captioned couple. See her daughter Betty BUTCHART's Pedigree Chart.
Other Ancestral Families connected to Betty BUTCHART are;McKECHNIE; ROSS; SAUNDERS/ WYNNE; ROWE & VOLLETT.

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