Descendants of Nicholina STEELE

Nicolina STEEL emigrated from County Antrim about 1837 with her family, atleast three sons and a daughter and their families, settling in York and Simcoe Counties.

Hugh STEELE andhis wife Betsy emiigrated from County Antrim, with two young children. They settled on Lot 11, Concession 11 of West Gwillimbury Township in Simcoe County where at least six more children where born. About 1855 the entire family of seven boys and one girl, Martha, relocated to Lot 7 on the 14th Concession of Greenock Township, Bruce County. Here their youngest son Jacob was born. In 1873 Betsy passed away and Hugh remarried Elizabeth MILLER and by 1891 Hugh and Elizabeth had moved into Paisley.
Shorlty after arriving in Greenock son Samuel moved into Paisley where he married Ann HANNA and ran a Dry Goods business.


The Steele Block on Queen Street North, Paisley, Ontario, Canada
Built by John Elliott in 1890 and purchased by James Steele in 1902.
Currently occupied by The Elora Soap Company

Rev. James R. S. MUTCHMOR, 1892-1980 ,was born on Maitoulin Island. Throughout the 1960s he became one of Canada's most recognizable crusaders against immorality in society and was Moderator of the United Church of Canada from 1962 to 1964, Mutchmor was a member of many delegations to the Canadian government, tackling moral and social concerns such as drinking and gambling. Noted for both his wit and capabilities, Mutchmor was frequently seen on Front Page Challenge and Fighting Words as well as CBC News programs.
He was a direct descendant of the captioned couple, see Rev. James' Pedigree Chart.
Other Ancestral Families connected to Rev. MUTCHMOR are; BROWN; STEELE; KEYES & GARLAND.

James Elmer Jim GREGG was born and raised in Greenock Township, He is a direct descendant of both the RUMIG and REID Famiies on our Home Page. Jim is also a direct descendant of the captioned couple, see his Pedigree Chart.
Other Ancestral Families connected to Jim are; GREGG; SCOTT; McKEE; McAFEE; STEELE; RUMIG & REID.

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