Descendants of John McGILVRAY and Mary GREY

Several of John and Marys descendants emigrated to Canada and settled in Bruce County, Ontario.
Their son Colin died in Argyllshire but his wife,Mary McLEAN (1800-1855) emigrated to Canada in 1847, a widow with four children. They first settled in Glenelg Township near Durham. She came to Bruce Township in 1854 and died the following year. She is buried in Lovat Cemetery. From Bruce Township Tales and Trails
Their grandson Donald 1804-1905, Duncan's son, also emigrated with his family to Bruce County. The following is from a newspaper article written in 1904. The oldest man in Bruce Twp,. if not in the County, is Donald McGillivray "Tailor Donald" as he is best known to the old residents of the 12th Con. He has completed his hundreth year of life and only now is beginning to suffer from the pangs of illness. The old gentleman is a native of the Isle of Mull, and emigrated to Canada in the early fifties. He lived in King Twp for a brief time before coming to Bruce. In his native land he industriously followed the occupation of a tailor, but took to agricultural pursuits after coming to this country. He lives with his son Mr. Hector McGillivray and has been confined to his bed for a couple of weeks lately with illness, but is improving again.


Saorphin Farm as seen from Lake Assapol on the Isle of Mull, Argyllshire.
Colin and Mary McGILVRAY lived on Saorphin Farm in 1841.

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