This Photo Album was originally maintained by Catherine TAYLOR-LAMB. The album was later retained by her daughter Lizzie LAMB-KINCAID

Fortunately Granny had the foresight to write on the back of most of the photos. Lizzie added to the album after Granny passed away.

For ease of viewing the album has been split into the sections listed below (click on box)

Granny's Personal Photos page 1
The Lizzie KINCAID Family
Granny's Personal Photos page 2
The Susie ALEXANDER Family
The Maggie BAKER Family
Granny's Personal Photos page 3
The Bill LAMB Family

William LAMB and
Catherine TAYLOR

A picture of me in Ellon, Aberdeen before I left Scotland
William LAMB and
Catherine TAYLOR

My oldest son David LAMB
Davie when he was just
nine months old in 1899
My second son William

My youngest son John
The oldest daughter Susan
Susie and her friend

Elizabeth & Catherine LAMB
"the twins"
Katie & Lizzie LAMB

Marshall WATSON, Dave Lamb driving, Jackie, Kit, Granny, Grampa and Jack KINCAID on the running board.

Granny knitting
"Us all in the auto,only Lizzie"
"My 80th birthday"

Front row : Pearl LAMB, Bill LAMB, Susie LAMB, Lizzy WATSON & Mabel WATSON
Back row : Maggie LAMB, ???? , John LAMB & William Taylor LAMB

Granny LAMB'S Parents and siblings
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