Descendants of Sijmon Pietersz LINDHOLM & Annetje Joosten SCHUURMAN

Pieter A. LINDHOLM: (very possibly the father of Sijmon Pietersz LINDHOLM)
On the VOC site (The East India Company) there is mention of a ship's captain Pieter A. LINDHOLM. He captained the Wildrijk, based in Amsterdam, from Bengal to Texel via the Cape of Good Hope November 15 1755 to July 26 1756 and the Lycochton, based in Hoorn, from Texel, Noord-Holland to Baravia, Indonesia via the Cape of Good Hope from December 19, 1757 to July 27, 1758.
I have not made an actual connection to Pieter LINDHOLM but it is intreging since this name was quite uncommon in this area and the dates would work..


Hoorn Harbour circa 1892

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