Descendants of Jan Cornelisz KISTEMAKER & Neel PIETERS

The web site KISTEMAKER NETWORK is a wonderful compilation of stories and pictures of Andijk and the West Fries community surrounding it. Below is a copy of the introduction to the site:
Initially this site was meant to feature books, written by Piet Kistemaker Sr (1902-1994), which for years have sold out, making for a wider public. During the course of time, there was also more and more material posted from others, along with more information (Old) Andijk and West Friesland's photographs from the book "Old Andijk in Pictures".


Andijk, West Friesland, NH, The Netherlands

Cornelis Jan 'Case' VANDERPLAS was born in Schoorl. NH The Netherlands, emigrated to Canada in 1949 and was raised in Paisley, Ontario. He is a direct descendant of the captioned couple, see his Pedigree Chart.
Ancestral Families connected to Case on his paternal side are; van der PLAS; ZWAKMAN; DEKKER; BOGTMAN;
Ancestral Families connected to Case on his maternal side are; GUTTER; SCHUURMAN; LINDHOLM; KISTEMAKER; NAT;MOLENAAR & KRABMAN.
Since Jan van der PLAS and Stien GUTTER were 5th cousins one Ancestral Family covers both sides; WAGEMAKER.

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