In our attempt to trace the genealogy of Katherine WATSON's ancestors and their connected families we have compiled several families that have their roots in the
Glammis area.
We would like to share our information with anyone who may be interested and would appreciate being apprised of inaccuracies and/or errors you may identify. Please be advised that the bulk of this information has been compiled off the internet and we can not vouch for its accuracy beyond the sources indicated. This project was started in January 2011 and I anticipate it may go on forever.

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Founding Families of the Glammis Area

ALEXANDER, George & Elizabeth on Con. 13, Lot 11, Greenock Twp.
COLWELL, David & Florence on Con. 12, Lot 28, Kincardine Twp. 1896-1943
CUNNINGHAM, Robert H. family on Con. 14, Lot 20, Greenock Twp
CUNNINGHAM, Joseph; Dry Goods Merchant in Glammis, 1891
HARRISON, Richard W.; merchant in Glammis. 1871
KEYES William & Mary Ann farmed Lot 16, Con 13 in Greenock Twp
McKEEMAN, John & Bessie farmed on Con 14, Lot 22, Greenock Twp.
McKEEMAN, William J.; owned and operated a General Store
McLENNAN, Kenneth & Winanan farmed Lot 30, Con 12 in Kincardine Twp
METCALF, Thomas & Mary Ann farmed Lot 13, Con 14 in Greenock Twp
MORRIS, C.W. & Amelia, on Con. 10, Lot 25, Kincardine Twp. 1920-1946
PICKARD, Thomas; owned several businesses in Glammis
POCOCK, Henry & Elizabeth on E. 1/2 of Lot 28, Con 1 Bruce Twp. 1877
STEPHENSON Stephen & Louisa; Con. 12, Lot 28, Kincardine Twp. 1876-1906
THOMPSON James & Marg, their son James farmed Lot 35, Con 3 in Bruce Twp
WEBB John & Mary Ann farmed Lot 9, Con 14 in Greenock Twp. in 1867.
WEBB Owen 'Amos' & Mary Ann farmed Lot 18, Con 14 in Greenock Twp
WILSON John & Elizabeth farmed Lot 10 & 11, Con 14 in Greenock Twp
WRIGHT John & Isabella on Lot 14, Con 14, Greenock Twp. abt. 1858 - 1930
WRIGHTSON Francis & Hanna on Lot 23, Con 4, Bruce Twp.


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